Business models and value innovation

Business models & value innovation, and how digitization impacts them

The rapid growth of digital technology and software application use is fundamentally changing the way customers interact with businesses while impacting on both the strategy and business models of firms. More and more established companies and start-ups are using digital, to create a new source of revenue, to provide more value to customers and of course, change business models.

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Berlin - Brandenburg Gate

German startup companies dominate Central Europe

The Silicon Valley in the United States, which encompasses a relatively small area (46.89 square miles or 121.4 km2), often overshadows the start-up scene in Europe. Even with Europe a bit behind currently, it has been catching up in the last few years. Unfortunately, the Central European region has been lagging even further behind its Western and Northern European counterparts, apart from the German start-up companies. However, the region has been steadily growing in recent years, besides Berlin, Warsaw is beginning to be somewhat a new city hub for emerging start-ups.

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