Restrict competition

Why do competition authorities punish companies who restrict competition?

As with any economy, local markets are extremely important in that they function well. This allows firms to compete and provide essential, better and more cost-effective products/services to their consumers. In an even level playing field, competition is beneficial first and foremost to the consumer, as better choices, services, and lower prices are available.

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Digitization of organizations - The six, critical, parallel shifts

Digitization of organizations: The six, critical, parallel shifts

The following will describe and evaluate six, critical, parallel “shifts” which combine to make digitization more manageable and predictable. It will also state whether, or not, these combined shifts will be relevant to relatively small organizations and if they need to change, be managed differently, or even replaced.

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Business models and value innovation

Business models & value innovation, and how digitization impacts them

The rapid growth of digital technology and software application use is fundamentally changing the way customers interact with businesses while impacting on both the strategy and business models of firms. More and more established companies and start-ups are using digital, to create a new source of revenue, to provide more value to customers and of course, change business models.

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