Berlin - Brandenburg Gate

German startup companies dominate Central Europe

The Silicon Valley in the United States, which encompasses a relatively small area (46.89 square miles or 121.4 km2), often overshadows the start-up scene in Europe. Even with Europe a bit behind currently, it has been catching up in the last few years. Unfortunately, the Central European region has been lagging even further behind its Western and Northern European counterparts, apart from the German start-up companies. However, the region has been steadily growing in recent years, besides Berlin, Warsaw is beginning to be somewhat a new city hub for emerging start-ups.

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Social Selling Content Strategy

Social selling content strategy: 6 steps to a successful social selling program for B2B (part 2)

Following on from part 1 (Social Selling: 7 simple evaluation steps for B2B), I will discuss the best approach to social selling content strategy that has worked for me in the last few years. The terms “social selling” and “content marketing” have been thrown around and used interchangeably a lot these days, they are the buzzwords you may hear in your typical sales and marketing department. I will of course not patronize you by explaining what content marketing is, as I am sure since you are reading this post, you are an avid consumer of online content already.

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Personalized Marketing - automated email communication

Personalized Marketing through automated email communication

Personalized marketing means more than just addressing the customer by name. For brands, effective personalization can range from customized web content specifically catering to customers’ preferences, to target relevant automated email communication based on a user’s personal behaviour. This short article will review one example of automated personalized email communication, how it is triggered, and its benefits.

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Social media campaigns - Air New Zealand - Middle Earth

Reflective review of successful and unsuccessful social media campaigns

In this short reflective review, the focus will be on two commercial social media campaigns, one successful and the other, unsuccessful. Air New Zealand, a relatively small airline in the aviation industry, produced one of ‘The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made’ aptly named by the airline, which pays homage to the ‘The Hobbit trilogy’.

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Can households be executed to maximize the utility of all their members?

Economic thinking about household decisions in the second half of the 20th century has continuously evolved rapidly with the ever-growing individualization of men and women in the West. In neoclassical theory, in the unitary model, the trend for social scientists was to focus and treat households as a single individual with a single set of preferences. As more and more people in society are becoming individualistic, economists in recent times have been forced to elaborate on models that take into account this societal evolution.

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Impact Investment

Impact Investment: What problems arise when public goods are provided?

Across continents and political systems, there has been a shift towards solving the delivery of social and environmental services through non-governmental funding. It is evident that the direct market mechanisms will not solve the delivery of these services. The question remains, in what ways can we improve and deliver better public services for society? There is a shift, governments are not able to handle the growing demand for social and environmental services. Impact investment could provide that solution to the shortage from government funding.

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