Doctor of Business Administration (DBA): Chapter 10 (The Digital World), and Journal (3) (Retail)

Before I began reading a journal, I went for a run in the morning and then did 20 minutes of calisthenics today. This really began pumping my muscles as well as stimulating my mind. It actually enabled me to focus more intensely. Furthermore, it enabled me to concentrate so well, I was able to read and take notes on three different journals, plus I have finished two short blog articles before 4 pm. So overall it was a good day, here is the summary below.

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Ecommerce Link Building

Ecommerce Link Building with Barcode Search Engines (Part 1)

While looking at new eCommerce link building opportunities, I stumbled across Barcode Search Engines. I had been using them for quite some time for other personal projects, mainly for looking up barcodes. However, it never occurred to me, that you can build backlinks to each and every one of your products pages via these search engines. Not only can you build backlinks to all of your product pages, but they can be a good source of referral traffic.

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Impact of Central & Eastern European Labour on UK Salaries (2004-2016)

On the 1st of May, 2004, the UK was one of three countries including Sweden and Ireland, to open its doors to the newly accepted eight former socialist countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Hungary, and Estonia) who joined the EU, known as the EU8/A8. Malta and Cyprus also joined at the same time but were exempt from having to partake in the monitoring process of its workers in the UK labor market.

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Restrict competition

Why do competition authorities punish companies who restrict competition?

As with any economy, local markets are extremely important in that they function well. This allows firms to compete and provide essential, better and more cost-effective products/services to their consumers. In an even level playing field, competition is beneficial first and foremost to the consumer, as better choices, services, and lower prices are available.

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